Edition 2015

2015 edition at Weserstr. , Berlin

18TH JUNE 2015

Alexandra Baybutt & David Somlo– “The space is in between us”- www.thespaceisinbetweenus.com

Thomas Herfort Marionettes http://kabare-pupala.blogspot.de/2010/12/videos.html

Generation.andere.Umstände-“Speed dating” from Exit to Endorphia to their facebook page

Boomerang – How you shone through me- http://www.boomerangdance.com/

19th JUNE 2015

La Ejecutora – “Laberinto”- https://www.facebook.com/laejecutora

Sophia Seiß and Diana Treder– “Augenmenschen im Schrägsystem”-

Tizo All, Keren Chernizon, D See Ker  – “O.culto”

Anna Natt – “Uro”- http://annanatt.com/

20th JUNE 2015

Irene Cortina -“Häute”- https://irenecortina.wordpress.com

Tommaso Rossi and Olga Manganotti – “Preludio”- http://tommasorossi.tumblr.com

White.spot.kollektiv – “Candy-Can’t I?”- https://www.facebook.com/white.spot.kollektiv?fref=ts

Catherine Duquette – “The Climb”- http://www.catherineduquette.com/

SPACES that collaborated with Let Me In 2015

Topics (main room) http://www.topics-berlin.com/

Obst und Gemüse (main roon and basement) to their facebook page

Nur 7 Monate (now called: Else bar. Main room, basement and it was 2015’s home base) to their facebook page

Balcony at Weserstr. (private balcony)

Bar at Weserstr. 58 (secondary room)